Corporate Loan Products

Corporate Loan Products are loans granted for business purposes to individual or corporate borrowers. Corporate Loan Products include different types as follow:

  • Overdraft Facility (OD)

    Facility is designed with duration up to 12 months to finance short-term or Ad hoc working capital requirement and optional on operating expense where borrowers unable to meet their day to day funding needs.

  • Revolving Loan (RL)

    Revolving loan is short term loan with available credit line up to 12 months. This loan is using to support working capital cycle where cash flow sufficiency to repay at the end of cash conversion cycle of 3-6 months.

  • Fixed Loan (FL)/Bullet Payment Loan (BPL)

    Bullet Repayment is short term loan with duration up to 24 months. This loan is using for working capital purposes. Repayment of full amount of principle is required at the maturity date.

  • Term Loan (TL)/Installment Loan (ISL)

    Term loan is long term loan with duration up to 120 months and grace period up to 12 months. This loan is granted for machinery or equipment investment and other business related purposes. It is required for monthly installment of repayment both interest and principle. Interest rate / fees are very competitive.

  • Cash Back Loan (CBL)

    Cash backed loan is offering the liquidity without your compromising on return of deposit, While your fixed deposit become collateral with interest earned under your name.