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Enjoy fast and easy banking, more features, and collect points and get rewards with Canadia Bank App. Pay your bills, transfer money quickly and conveniently, and more. On top of that, you can create an account on your mobile phone within minutes wherever you are. One of its unique features is CanaPoints, where you can earn points by just performing transactions and then redeem them with many special rewards. Click here to watch How To Activate Account on Canadia Bank App.

EZ Account

Create an EZ Account instantly anytime, anywhere using your mobile phone. Click to know how.

QR Payment

The Canadia Bank App enables seamless QR payments both locally and internationally (Thailand, at only 0.5% per transaction), while My KHQR allows you to receive money from any local banks with no fee charge.

Bill Payments

Pay your electricity bill, water bill, and many other public services anytime, anywhere. Click to know how.

Group Transfer

Transfer payment faster and easier to your family or friends all at once. Click to know how.


Perform transactions, earn points, and receive many great gifts. Click to learn more.

Online Fixed Deposit

Maximize return on your savings by opening a fixed deposit account with just a few clicks.
Collect Points and Get Rewards


CanaPoints is a reward feature on Canadia Bank App that allows customers to earn points with activity-based and by performing transactions, and redeem the points with many special prizes.

Download Canadia Bank App now. and perform transactions, earn points, and receive many great gifts.
How do I become a CanaPoints member?
Open an account with Canadia Bank, download and register on the Canadia Bank App. Once you become our mobile app user, you are automatically our CanaPoints member. There are different member tiers of CanaPoints. Higher levels will be entitled to receive more points per transaction.
How do I check the points?
You can simply open the Canadia Bank App and tap on “CanaPoints” to see your points.
Can I transfer the points?
Yes, the points earned are transferrable using "Send Points" function. You can transfer the points to active loyalty member using the receiver's phone number.
Will the voucher be expired?
Yes, the validity will be shown within the voucher. You can check your available, used, or expired vouchers in the Canadia Bank App.
What are the transactions and activities that are eligible for point-earning?
The eligible transactions and activities are in the following functions:
o New account opening
o Loan
o Referral
o QR payment
o Bill payment
Do my points expire?
If you do not perform any transactions on Canadia Bank App within 12-month period, your earned points will be expired.
Can I exchange points to cash?
Unfortunately, points cannot be exchanged into cash.
How many tiers of membership are there?
There are 3 tiers of membership which tied to Canadia Bank's products and services. Your membership will be assigned based on products and services that you currently have. The higher the membership level, the higher the rewards point-earning power.

Membership levels and their point-earning power:
1. Member = 100% point-earning power
2. Honor = 150% point-earning power
3. Privilege = 200% point-earning power
How do I upgrade rewards membership level?
Membership level can be upgraded if you have the Canadia Bank's products that link to higher membership level.
Will my membership level downgrade if I claim my points?
The membership level will not be downgraded by claiming points because it is associated to the Canadia Bank's products that you have.
Will I lose points if I change my phone?
Points are tied to your bank account. As long as your account and rewards membership are active, your points remain unchanged.
Who do I contact if my points do not look right?
You may contact us at (+855) 23 868 222.
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