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Welcome to one of Cambodia’s Largest Commercial Banks.

We've been proudly serving Cambodia since 1991 with our innovative suite of products and services.
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About Us

What makes us different?

Our Mission

To create best-in-class standards for customer experience and performance excellence for lasting, fulfilling banking relationships with our customers.

Our Vision

To be Cambodia's Best Bank. To bring our years of experience into constantly developing new and exciting products and services to better serve our customers.

Our Core Values

We flourish in an open atmosphere that celebrates the spirit of invention, progress, and change while embracing our CORE VALUES of Trust, Ownership, Performance-Driven, Innovation, and Customer Focus in everything that we do.
About Us

Our success in numbers.

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We thrive in an open environment that values the spirit of innovation, progressiveness and change, while embracing the core values of Trust, Ownership and being Performance-driven.

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Our Beginning.

Canadia Bank was started with a single mission - to be Cambodia's best bank. In the early days, we gave our focussed to provide Cambodians with key fundamental banking services for a growing nation.

Beginning of Canadia Bank
Canadia Bank opens it's doors for the first time, setting the standard for banking in Cambodia.
Opening of our first branch
On the 11th of November we opened our very first branch in Cambodia.
Global Payments & Cash Management Golden Award.
Canadia Bank was recognized by HSBC USA with an award that cements Canadia Bank as Cambodia's leading bank.
Canadia Tower construction complete
The completion of Canadia Tower was a proud moment for all, remaining the tallest building in Cambodia between 2009 - 2014.
Mobile & Internet Banking Launched
Canadia Bank embraces the digital revolution and provides customers with convenient 24/7/365 access to all products, services, and accounts.
50th Branch Opening
In July 2013 we celebrated the opening of our 50th branch in Cambodia.


By consistently offering great customer experience and expanding our products and services, we experience years of significant growth and became Cambodia's largest and most trustworth bank.

Present Day.

With over $6.5B in assets, Canadia Bank is now focussing on expanding digital offerings and next-generation banking services. We look forward to a future where banking is accessible to all Cambodians, everywhere.

We hired our 3,000th employee!
As we continue to grow, hiring highly-capable and talented individuals is one of our most important priorities.
Most Profitable Year on Record
With net earnings exceeding $122m, 2019 was a record year for us. This reflects the hard work, dedication, and perseverance of our team and the trust from our customers.
2020 & Beyond
Stability & Responsibility.
As we emerge into "new normal" times, Canadia Bank continues to responsibly grow and innovate, while ensuring that we take care of our customers and understand their needs.
About Us

What's Next?

With over $6.5B in assets, Canadia Bank is now focussing on expanding digital offerings and next-generation banking services. We look forward to a future where banking is accessible to all Cambodians, everywhere.

Message from Chairman & CEO

Growing with you.

Cambodian economic activity remained buoyant in 2019 with robust GDP growth of 7.1%, mainly attributed by the growth in export, construction, real estate and tourism sector. The annual inflation rate remains stable at 2.9%.

In particular the Banking and Finance Industry has also seen a strong growth thanks to an increased demand for loans and deposits during the year as well as the presence of macroeconomic stability and the implementation of investment-friendly policies by the Government and Regulator. During the year, banks and financial institutions have also increased the use of technology and introduced new financial products and services.

Canadia Bank has always been steadfast on its vision of being the “Best Bank in Cambodia” through the implementation of carefully planned long-term strategies, strong corporate governance, accumulation of knowledgeable and skilled human resource bases, and the continuous improvement in technology to further streamline all our operations. We are heartened to be recognised by the Asian Banker as the Strongest Bank in Cambodia by Balance Sheet, and Best SME Bank and Best Domestic Bank awarded by International Finance Magazine in 2019.
Board of Directors

An expert group of banking professionals with decades of knowledge.

Dr. Pung Kheav Se
Chairman of the Board
Mr. Raymond Sia Say Guan
Chief Executive Officer /Executive Director
Mr. Leow Ming Fong
Independent, Non-Executive Director
Mr. Peter Michael Buerger
Independent, Non-Executive Director
Mr. John Meinhold
Independent, Non-Executive Director
Mr. Yee Con Long
Executive Vice President/Director
Mr. Phong Nguyen
Independent, Non-Executive Director
Management Team.

A growing team of innovators, makers and thinkers.

Mr. Raymond Sia Say Guan
Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Ou Sophanarith
Chief Financial Officer
Ms. Song Khenglay
Chief Operations Officer
Mr. Tan Yaw Nan
Chief Risk Officer
Mr. Howard Lau
Chief Information Officer
Ms. Pakaravee Anantathananid
Chief Business Officer
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