SME Loan for Smart lady

We, Canadia Bank, always nurture and empower smart woman entrepreneurs to the next level by offering the best financial solutions. They are now eligible to apply for a loan with a very special offer of loan amount up to USD500,000.00 with lowest interest rate at only 8.5% per annum.
Feature of SME Loan for Smart Lady
  • Interest Rate: only 8.5% p.a
  • Loan Size: up to $500,000
  • Loan Term: up to 10 Years

Terms and Conditions
  • Eligible for female entrepreneur.
  • Manages over 51% of share of business.
  • Having official title in all legal documents of the business.
  • Manage the business directly and recognized by local authority.
  • Manage the business at least 2 years or manage at least 1 year with 2-year experience.
  • Age is not over 60 years old at maturity date.
  • All business excluding agriculture and real estate.
  • Satisfactory credit on loan repayment.

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