Enjoy up to $9 off & a free 6-month Pandapro with Canadia Visa Card

Foodpanda deals are back: 60% off twice (no minimum) & a grocery voucher for new users, plus a free 6-month Pandapro! Get a Canadia Visa Card today to join the fun!
Promotion​ Period:
  • From​ today to​ 31​ July​ 2024​

Promotion​ Mechanic
  • Use the voucher code "VISANEW" to get 60% off your order (up to a maximum discount of $3) twice. You'll also receive an additional $3 voucher for groceries as well. Use the voucher code "VISAPRO" to get a free 6-month Pandapro subscription when you pay with your Canadia Visa card.

Simple​ steps​ to​ get​ a free​ 6 month​s pandapro​ subscription:
  • Step1: Launch​ foodpanda​ app​ and​ go​ to​ “Become​ a​ pandapro”
  • Step2: Select​ “6​ months​ plan”​ to​ subscribe
  • ​Step3: Enter​ “VISAPRO”​ voucher​ code​ at​ “Enter​ voucher​ code”
  • Step4: Select​ your​ “Canadia Visa​ card”​ as​ a​ payment​ method
  • Step5: Subscription​ register​ successfully
  • Step6: pandapro​ benefits​ will​ automatically​ apply​ when​ order

Terms​ and​ conditions:
  • All Canadia Visa cardholders can benefit from this promotion.
  • Suppose you're a new foodpanda user with a Canadia Visa card. In that case, you can use the voucher code "VISANEW" to enjoy a 60% discount on any service (food delivery, groceries, or pick-up) on the foodpanda app, with no minimum order amount required.
  • The​ 60%​ discount​ is​ capped​ at​ $3​ per​ order​ and​ is limited​ to​ 2​ times​ redemption​ only​ during​ the​ promotion​ period.
  • The​ 60%​ instant​ discount​ will​ be​ applied​ automatically​ on​ the​ foodpanda​ mobile​ application’s​ checkout​ screen​ after​ keying​ in​ the​ voucher​ code​ ‘’VISANEW’’​ and​ paying​ with​ Canadia Visa​ card,​ which​ is​ set​ as​ the​ default​ payment​ method,​ excluding​ VAT​ and​ delivery.
  • After​ the first​ usage​ of​ the​ 60%​ discount​ voucher,​ Canadia Visa​ cardholders​ will​ receive​ an​ additional​ $3​ discount​ voucher​ with​ a​ minimum​ of $6​ spent​ per​ order​ for​ the Groceries​ section.
  • Canadia Visa​ cardholders​ who​ are​ both​ new​ and​ existing​ foodpanda​ users​ can​ get​ a free​ 6​ months​ pandapro​ subscription​ by​ applying​ “VISAPRO”​ voucher​ and​ using​ Canadia Visa​ card​ as​ the​ payment​ method​ in​ the​ checkout​ process.​
  • ​Each​ foodpanda​ user​ can​ only​ redeem​ this​ promotion​ once​ during​ the​ promotion​ period.​
  • Visa,​ and​ foodpanda​ reserve​ the​ right​ at​ their​ discretion​ to​ change​ or​ amend​ the​ terms​ and​ conditions​ or​ terminate​ this​ promotion​ without​ prior​ notice.

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