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Overdraft Loan (O.D)

With our OD, you can access to the short-term bank fund to support your working capital with very flexible to your needs and you also can use it as your operation account (cash in / cash out) for your business.
Business Loans

Fixed Loan (FL)

With our FL, you can access to the short-term bank fund to finance your working capital or short investment to grow your business with paying only monthly interest and principal at mature.
Business Loans

Term Loan (TL)

With our TL, you can access to the long-term bank fund to finance your investment or expanding your business with multi repayment options.
Business Loans

Cashback Loan

CBL is designed to offer liquidity without compromising on returns of customer’s deposits. The fixed deposit becomes the secured collateral and you still can earns interest on your fixed deposit.
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Your time is precious. Apply for an account or loan from the comfort of your home or office, whenever it is convenient for you.
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At Canadia Bank we're #HereToStay with you in both your personal and business banking needs. Manage more effectively with our myriad of business banking products and services.

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