Canadia Bank organized staff visit to Sosoro Museum to enhance understanding of Cambodia’s financial history

Canadia Bank, a long-established and leading commercial in Cambodia, has organized a staff visit to Preah Srey Içanavarman Museum (Commonly known as Sosoro Museum) to enhance the staff’s understanding of the Cambodian’s financial evolutions​ and provide them with a unique perspective on Cambodia’s economic and monetary history.

Preah Srey Içanavarman Museum of Economy and Money (Sosoro Museum) is the brainchild of the National Bank of Cambodia, having opened its doors to the public in 2012 to give historical perspectives of Cambodia’s currency and economy to the local and international visitors as well as the complex interactions between monetary and politics.

Canadia Bank’s management and staff visiting the Sosoro Museum was organized under the Canadia Bank Cares initiative, a corporate social responsibility project aimed to enhance many crucial sectors in various industries, which also include financial literacy.

Canadia Bank staff who participated in this visit were intrigued by the exhibition shown in the Sosoro Museum and expressed their delight to receive new and interesting knowledge from this visit.

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