Setup Security Controls on Telegram To Prevent Account Compromised

I. Go to Settings to ensure that your account is secure from unknown users or attackers who gather information for nefarious purposes.

II. Set Privacy and Security to keep your account Telegram more secure.

III. Security

1. Set a local passcode to keep your telegram locked when not in use and set session timeout within 1minutes.

2. Enable Two-Step Verification

When you log into Telegram with a new device, it sends a code to your phone number. This added security feature, known as two-step verification, protects your app data. When logging into Telegram from a new device, you must enter a one-time password.

IV. Set Privacy

1.     Users sign up for Telegram using their phone numbers, which are visible to everyone by default. It means other people in groups or with access to your Telegram account can see your phone number. A phone number is one of the kinds of information that should not post online. Anyone can contact you, set up a scam, or give it away to people you do not know. The best thing to do is to make your contact number private.

2.     With a public Telegram profile, users can access nearby people and groups. The group admin can also add any person via their username. It might be unsafe as you are unaware of the group’s purpose. Ideally, you should change your Telegram group settings and enhance your security.

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