Canadia Bank Security Alert.

Protect yourself from Phishing.

Phishing is a technique used by Fraudsters to obtain Sensitive information, such as passwords, Mobil Bank & Internet Bank Log in & Credit & Debit Card Details by Creating fraudulent Websites, or sending an E-mail, SMS or Chat Pretending to be from Trustworthy source.

If you receive any suspicious E-Mail or SMS or Chat message from unknown source, asking for your personal information, Don’t click on any link or Attachments,  Don’t  provide any Log in Passwords & personal information.

If you think you have fallen Victim to Phishing or any online fraud, report us as soon as possible on : 023 215 885 / 023 868 222.

Canadia Bank Will never ask for your account number, Passwords & OTP’s in an E-mail or SMS or Chat, in case of doubt please call us to verify.

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