Transfer Money to the Philippines more conveniently via EMQ at Canadia Bank

Canadia Bank recently launched a new money transfer service, EMQ, which will provide customers an easier and more affordable money transfer experience.

EMQ is Asia’s Leading financial settlement network that seamlessly integrates ecosystem participants, providing a faster, cheaper and more transparent financial settlement solution for the underserved individuals and businesses across the world. EMQ operates a global financial settlement network that currently spans across Europe, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, India, Indonesia, Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Taiwan and the Philippines, with expansion underway across key business markets in the Middle East, Africa and the Americas.

For the first step of launching this EMQ service, customers can transfer money to the Philippines at a minimum price of only $ 10 per transaction while the operation is available at Canadia Bank head office only. In the near future, Canadia Bank will expand this service for money transfers to more countries around the world.

In addition to EMQ, Canadia Bank currently offers overseas money transfer services such as Money Gram, SWIFT, and Canadia Mobile Banking App.

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