Canadia Bank opens in Boeng Keng Kang Community

Canadia Bank Plc., on Tuesday 24th August, 2021, hold their official opening of their 63rd branch in Boeng Keng Kang I (BKK I), located in Amass Central Tower, on st. 63, Sangkat Boeng Keng Kang I, Khan Boeng Keng Kang. 

The BKK branch takes banking experiences to a whole new level. With a more digital feel, new, and modern design, the BKK branch comes with a digital station where people can access different financial information, more than 10 ATMs and CRMs which will improve the accessible speed of Cash Deposit and Withdrawal, and other digital financial services.

Mr. Raymond Sia, CEO of Canadia Bank, in his opening speech, said, “It is important that we remain relevant to our community and customers. Our new branch in BKK is a testament of Canadia Bank’s continued investment in our community leveraging on technology. Under the “new normal”, customers demand more contactless banking and the positioning and layout of the branch is very much aligned to  the market demand. Moving forward, our customers can expect to see us [Canadia Bank] investing in more machines and technology, such as ATMs, CRMs and other state-of-the-art technology for the convenience of our customers.”

Mrs. SONG Khenglay, EVP & Chief Operating Officer in charge of Branches Distribution and Business Banking, mentioned in her speech, “The new BKK branch will deliver a new and enhanced customer experience. Customers will enjoy the freshness of the new and modern designed branch with the latest technologies necessary for the modern and digital lifestyle.” She further added, “We would like to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt appreciation to customers, business partners, and our regulators for their tremendous support, contributions, and guidance.”

The official opening of BKK branch was also attended by Credit Guarantee Corporation of Cambodia (CGCC), which was formally signed with Canadia Bank in June 2021 as the first official partner to launch the first guarantee scheme to support Small, Medium and Large Enterprises during Covid-19.  

Canadia Bank Plc., the largest bank by Balance Sheet in Cambodia as of the end of 2020, is determined to create best-in-class standards for customer experience and banking relationship with our customers through the branch channels and online channels. 

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact our team, Ms. Chhim Sochenda, at +855-12 888 038 or our 24/7 Service Center at (+855-23) 868 222.

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