Canadia Virtual Card 

The Canadia Virtual Card is a digital card that offers a secure and convenient method for making online purchases and payments.

What is Canadia Virtual Card?

The Canadia Virtual Card is an digital card that offers a secure and convenient method for making online purchases and payments.

Canadia Virtual Card features

Instant Card Creation

Create your virtual card instantly via Canadia Bank App

Seamless Online Payments

Enjoy convenient and secure transactions for all your online purchases

Real-time Transaction Alerts

Stay informed with immediate notifications for every transaction made

Secure and Full Control Over Your Card

Experience peace of mind with complete control and security over your virtual card

Issue now for free

Enjoy secured online shopping and easy payments without any issuance or maintenance fees

Canadia Offers and Perks

Enjoy exclusive discounts from Visa and Mastercard on e-commerce sites worldwide! (T&C apply)
How to apply for Canadia Virtual Card
• Downlaod and launch the Canadia Bank App.
• Enter your PIN.
• Click "Create New Card."
• Select the card type that best suits your needs.
• Choose the account you wish to link the virtual card to.
• Set up a security question and provide the corresponding answer.
• Enter your email address.
• Agree to the terms and conditions, and click "Issue Card."
• Review the details once again, and click "Confirm."
• Congratulations! Your virtual card has been successfully created.
• All Canadia Bank customers with Canadia Bank App can create our virtual card.
Terms and Fees
Available Currency USD
Available Card Visa Debit
Card Validity 3 Years
Card Issuance Fee FREE
Annual Fee FREE
Number of Active Card Limit Up to 5 Virtual Cards
Maximum Amount per transaction Up to USD1,000
Maximum transaction per day Up to 25 transactions
Daily Limit Amount Up to $5,000 per card
Currency exchange fee when purchasing or withdrawal cash in non-USD 2%
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