Debit Card

Use Canadia Bank Visa or UnionPay Debit Card to facilitate your payment at any merchant and cash withdrawal at any ATM worldwide where Visa or UnionPay is accepted.

What is Canadia Debit Card?

Canadia debit cards offer a wide range of possibilities, they extend far beyond simple ATM withdrawals, allowing you to use them for various transactions anywhere and everywhere in the world where the card scheme acceptance mark is available. With a simple tap, you can securely and efficiently complete your transactions.

Canadia Debit Card Scheme Product

• Canadia Visa Debit Classic
• Canadia Visa Debit Elite
• Canadia UnionPay Debit Card

Canadia Debit Card features

Fast and Convenient Payment

With contactless technology, customers can securely and efficiently complete transactions with just a quick tap.


Keep track of your transactions and spending easily with Canadia Bank App. Accessible 24/7, from anywhere.

Go Cashless

Say goodbye to the hassle of carrying cash or dealing with currency exchange while traveling the world with Canadia Debit Card. As a Canadia Debit cardholder, you can shop online, in-store, or on any  Visa or UnionPay accepting e-commerce platform.

Customer Support

If your card gets lost or stolen, or if you have any other questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us anytime. Our team is available to help you and offer the support you need.

Canadia Offers and Perks

Enjoy exclusive promotions and deals from Canadia Bank and our card scheme. Simply present or pay with your Canadia Debit Card to access local and international offers.
Canadia Debit Card offers several benefits

• Make purchases using POS at any merchant in Cambodia and around the world.
• Pay easily on e-commerce platforms such as food delivery, online shopping, ride hailing, hotel booking, airline tickets, and more.
• Gain full visibility into your expenses and transaction transparency with Canadia Bank App.
• Cash withdrawal at ATMs is convenient and accessible both locally and globally.
• Travel without stress or worry about cash and money exchange when exploring local or international destinations.

Where to apply?

- Visit the nearest Canadia Bank Branch or Smart Branch.
- Self-request a debit card using our Smart Card Embossing machine.
- Contact our call center at 023 215 885, or message Canadia Bank official Facebook page.

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