Teen Account

With an easy opening process, Canadia Bank Teen Account offers a new experience of using personal bank accounts for Teenagers.
Currency USD KHR
Interest rate per annum N/A N/A
Minimum Opening Balance Not Required
Mobile Banking Free
Visa/UnionPay debit card USD 0.50 or equivalent per month
  • Check balance easily via Canadia Bank App
  • Enjoy local transfer from same bank account and other bank account
  • Enjoy cashless experience of QR scan for payment
  • Enjoy bill payment via Canadia Bank App
  • Enjoy phone top up via Canadia Bank App
  • Exchange rate feasibility
  • Individual, Teen with age from 15-year-old to 18-year-old.
  • Valid National ID or Passport
  • Cambodia Residential Address
How-to-Apply For further information, please visit your nearest Canadia Bank branch or give us a call at (+855) 23 868 222.

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Teen Account

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