Secured Personal Loan

Are you in need of financial assistance to achieve your goals or overcome unexpected expenses? Canadia Bank offers you a reliable and secure solution with their Secure Personal Loan. This loan product is designed to provide you with the financial support you need, while also ensuring the safety and protection of your assets.

Features and Conditions
Interest Rate per annum
From 12% to 14%
3% markup on the interest rate of the FD when used as collateral
Repayment Method Monthly Principle plus Interest
Loan Amount From $5,000 to $50,000 or Equivalent
Loan Term Up to 60 Months
Loan Value Up to 90% of Collateral
Legal Fee - Free for Existing Loan and Payroll Customer
- Charge USD 150 for Fixed Deposit and New Customer
Bank Service Charge - Up to 1.50% of approva loan limit OR
- Free for FD customer
Application Fee FREE
Pre payment Charge 3% on the early settle amount in part or in full if early settlement during half of loan tenor (not more than 24 months), 1% thereafter if no any notice 30 days in advance before early settle in part or in full.
Requirement - Valid National ID card/passport
- Family book/residential book
- Proof of income/employment certificate/payslips/bank statements, and/or other relevant documents
- Sovannaphum life insurance will be applicable if required
The above Interest Rate and Terms & Conditions are subject to change at the Bank's sole discretion without any prior notice to customer.

For further information, please visit your nearest Canadia Bank branch or give us a call at (+855) 23 868 222.

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