NSSF Member Account

The NSSF Member Account is a savings account designed in cooperation with the National Social Security Fund to provide fast and easy banking services for all the daily transactions and paying bills via Canadia Bank App. This account also allows all Canadia NSSF Member Account users to receive all NSSF benefit disbursements directly into their Canadia Bank accounts conveniently.
Feature NSSF Member Account Spouse and Children Under Dependence of NSSF Member
Age ≥ 15 < 18 Age ≥ 18 Year-Old Spouse Age ≥ 18 Year-Old Children Age < 18 Year-Old
Currency KHR
Interest Rate Per Annum 2.00% 1.00%
Interest Payment Monthly
Initial Deposit Not Required
Minimum On-Going Balance
Mobile Banking Free
Canadia Credit Card Not Applicable Yes Not Applicable
Canadia Visa/UPI Card - Must have valid National ID
- Free 1st Year Annual Fee.
- For the following year, if annual spending on the POS/E-commerce merchant is at least $300 annual fee is waived.
- Other Terms and Conditions Apply.
Early Closure 40,000 Riel or equivalent is charged if the account is closed within 3 months after the opening date
Access to Close the Account Canadia Bank Branch
Dormant Account Fee Free
Benefits - Receive a free NSSF New Generation Card (coming soon)
- Cash withdrawal from ATM / CRM / VTM
- Make payment via CSS POS and Merchant KHQR
- Transfer within the same bank or to another bank
- Get 50% off Bank Service Charge (BSC) or a minimum of USD 200 on a Home Loan
- Get 50% off Bank Service Charge (BSC) or a minimum of USD 150 on Vehicle Loan
- Receive NSSF benefits disbursement services such as health care, occupational accident, retirement and maternity leave.
Requirements - Proof of NSSF membership
- NSSF member (main account holder) and their dependent spouse are required to have
a national ID or passport. - Children under the dependence of an NSSF member who are under 18 years old are required to have a national ID, passport, or birth certificate.

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NSSF Member Account

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