Junior Account

As parents, we know it is never too early to start saving for your child’s future. Canadia Bank’s Junior Account is designed to help you save for your child’s financial literacy and future. The money invested in the account is held for the child until age 18.
Currency USD
Interest Rate 5.50%
Account Opening Balance USD200
Minimum Balance USD2,000
Credit Card MasterCard/VISACard
- Classic: USD13/Year
- Gold: USD28/Year
Standing Order (Register/Transaction) Fee Free
Passbook Free Upon request only
Mobile/Internet Banking Free (View Only)
Withdrawal Free 1 withdrawal per month
Auto converted to Savings Account after Account Holder turns 18
Account closure within 1 year from opening date USD50
Benefits - Enjoy attractive interest rate
- Free passbook upon request
- 5% Discount with Canadian International School Phnom Penh
- Special offer to Parents/Guardian: Credit card facility up to 80% of deposited balance
Requirement • Junior/Kid
- For child age 16 years old and below.
- Child: Birth Certificate and 2 Passport-sized photos
• Parent/Guardian:
1. Cambodian
- National ID card OR
- Valid Passport OR
- Driver License attached with Family Book/Residence Book/Birth Certificate OR
- Government ID Card or Civil Servant ID Card OR
- Monk Identity Card (for monk only)OR
- Any document bearing photo of customer issued by relevant authority.
2. Foreigner*
- Valid Passport AND
- Valid Visa
*Definition of Resident and Non-Resident Customer:
a) Resident Customer: any physical person who is domiciled in or has a principal place of abode in, the Kingdom of Cambodia, or who is present in the Kingdom of Cambodia on more than 182 days during the calendar year.
b) Non-Resident Customer: means not a resident of Cambodia.

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Junior Account

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1. What is a Junior Account?

Junior Account defines the child's name as account name and has parent or guardian as joint account.

2. What documents are required to open Junior Account?


           -Child is under age of 18.

           -Certificate of birth or passport (with at least 3 months validity) or any other identification document issued by the authority.

-Parent or Guardian

-Be adults age 18 and older.

-Have an identification document such as Cambodian identify card, passport (with at least 3 months validity) or any other identification document with photo and issued by the authority which are: o Identification document with photo issued by local authority or

            - Family book (for family leader), or

             - Family book (for family member) or residential book and also attach other documents with portrait such as employment ID, driving license, or government                 official ID, etc.

3. What currency can I open Junior Account?

Junior Account can be opened in US Dollar.

4. What is the interest rate of junior account?

Canadia Bank offers very competitive interest rate of 5.50% p.a. However, Bank reserves the right to change the interest rate from time to time without any prior notice.

5. What is the minimum balance for Junior account? Junior Account has only USD200 minimum balance.

6. How to make deposits into Junior Account?

Parent or guardian can deposits into Junior Account in cash/cheque or transferred in up to USD100,000 per year otherwise approval is required.

7. Can parent or guardian make withdrawals or payments through Junior Account?

Parent or guardian has the rights to make withdraw if the balance is over USD2,000 while other electronic banking transactions or payments are not available.

8. Can parent or guardian close the account before the due date?

Yes, he/she can.

9. When can child be eligible for this account?

When a child is 18 years old or set by a parent or guardian.

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