Home Equity Loan

Loan finance to customer who pledge their existing residential dwelling for the following purposes.


Features and Conditions
Purpose Housing related purposes:
  • Improve/decorate residential home
  • Furniture Purchase
Type of collateral Hard title
Interest rate per annum
  • 9.00%p.a (Amount>$200,000)
  • 10.00%p.a (Amount <=$200,00)
Loan to value Up to 95%
Loan amount ≥ USD10,000 or KHR equivalent
Loan term
  • Up to 20 years
  • 20-25 years (required MRTA of SVL)
Bank service charge
  • 1% of loan drawdown or
  • BSC 0.5% for SVL-MRTA to cover full loan amount coverage with minimum tenor of 2 years;
  • BSC 0.5% for new FD customer with minimum limit of deposit amount USD 50K and tenor not less than 6 months;
  • BSC 0% for SVL-MRTA to cover full loan amount coverage with loan tenor more than 5 years;
Legal fee USD 150 or KHR Equivalent
Property evaluation Free
Fire insurance
  • Yes (Exclusive by Dara Insurance)
  • Free fire insurance for the 2nd year if customer have satisfied repayment record (no late) in the last 12 months, standard premium fee applies from third year.
Pre-payment charge A- Loan Amount ≤ 10K:
• 3% on the early settle amount in part or in full if early settlement during half of loan tenor (not more than 24 months), 1% thereafter if no any notice 30 days in advance before early settle in part or in full.
B- Loan Amount >10K
• 3% on partial principal or paid-off balance in the first 3 years, charge 1% thereafter.
• No charge thereafter if customer inform 1 month in advance before pay off or partial principal payment.
Mode of payment for monthly amortization Monthly principle plus interest
Late Payment Charges 27% p.a on monthly installment amount
  • Valid National ID card/passport
  • Family book/residential book
  • Sale and purchase agreement/booking agreement (or proof of booking)
  • Proof of income/employment certificate/payslips/bank statements, and/or other relevant documents
  • Sovannaphum life insurance will be applicable if required

The above Interest Rate and Terms & Conditions are subject to change at the Bank's sole discretion without any prior notice to customer.
For further information, please visit your nearest Canadia Bank branch or give us a call at (+855) 23 868 222 .

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Home Equity Loan

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