Marvel Super War

Marvel Super War is PC Games created by Neteast Games company, user can redeem their star credit into their Marvel game account and enjoy in-game store which make enable for user the buy as they want.
Buying Amount Code Selling Price
Marvel Star Credit 55  55   $1.69
Marvel Star Credit 275  275   $5.99
Marvel Star Credit 565  565   $11.49
Marvel Star Credit 1155  1155   $22.69
Marvel Star Credit 1765  1765   $33.99
Marvel Star Credit 2950  2950   $55.99
Marvel Star Credit 6000  6000  $108.99
How to buy
  1. Launch "Canadia Bank App" or customer can download via this link
  2. Choose “Bill Payment” on mobile bank app.
  3. Input your password
  4. Choose "Entertainment"
  5. Search or find “Marvel Super War”.
  6. Paste or input the code that you have copy or remember from the website then click “Continue”.
  7. Choose the account you want to pay from and click "Continue".
  8. Reconfirm page will appear again. If everything is correct, Click "Continue" to proceed.
  9. Input your password.
  10. Complete payment. After complete payment, push reference code will be notify. In case, customer missed to remember the code, customer can find in "Notification Button" in homepage of the Canadia Bank app and get the code from "Gift Card Number".
How to redeem
  • Visit
  • Select country/region as Others and insert your User ID and select your Server.
  • Select Pudding Pay.
  • Select amount. Please note that you can only choose the amount to match your card denomination, otherwise, the redemption will be failed.
  • Enter your GameCode card number and password to redeem.
  • Note: Purchase code can be checked at "Notification" on your homepage and get the code from "Gift Card Number".
  • Terms and Conditions
    1. All gift cards are digital gift cards and delivered in electronic format
    2. Users need to check and do validation on the digital voucher before confirming to order or purchases
    3. All digital vouchers and game currency purchased on the platform cannot be refund
    4. We reserve the right to change or update terms and conditions without prior notice
    5. Any issue raised due to transaction error, code error, etc, please also escalate to us via

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