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Debit Card

Use Canadia Bank VISA/UnionPay Debit Card to facilitate your payments at any merchant and cash withdrawal at any ATM worldwide where VISA/UnionPay is accepted.
Product Features

Our debit Card Features

Use your Canadia Bank Debit Card and receive exclusive discounts at 500 outlets in Cambodia where the business partnership logo is displayed. Alongside: 

  • Worldwide purchases
  • Mail and telephone orders
  • E-Commerce payments & Internet purchases
  • Cash withdrawals at any Canadia Bank ATM and counter (including other banks)
  • Recognized and accepted worldwide
  • No need to carry too much cash

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Debit Card

More Information

  • Applicants must be at least 18 years old to be a principal cardholder and 16 years old to hold a supplementary card.
  • Required documents:
  • Two pictures for each applicant (4*6).
  • Attach with an ID card or Passport or Birth Certification (also for the supplementary applicant).
  • For foreigners, passport has to have at least a six month Visa in Cambodia (optional is an employment certificate from the company he/she works for). Protection Status