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Current account is available to be opened in 4 currencies: Khmer Riel (KHR), US Dollar (USD), Thai Bath (THB), Chinese Yuan (RMB), with minimum balance of USD 200 or equivalent with other currencies. A current account is particularly useful to facilitate business transactions by using checks and transfers in lieu of cash. It can be used together with a Savings account for check clearance by transferring funds between accounts.
Product Features
Currency USD KHR
Account opening balance USD500 KHR 2,000,000
Flexible interest payment • Monthly OR;
• On maturity date OR;
• At account closure
Fixed deposit certificate Free
Monthly account service Free
Account closure within 2 weeks from opening date USD10 or equivalence
Interest Rate of Savings Account applied
Withdrawals Not allowed for partial withdrawal
Access to open/close • All Canadia Bank Branches
• Internet Banking
• Mobile Banking
Benefit • Enjoy attractive interest rates based on flexible tenure
• Offer Credit card facility up to 80% of deposited balance
Requirements 1. Individuals aged 18 years old or over
2. Cambodian

3. Foreigner*

*Definition of Resident and Non-Resident Customer:

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Current Account

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