Current Account

Account with cheque book facility which is available in four (4) currencies. Particularly useful for facilitating your business transactions by issuing cheques in lieu of dealing with cash and visiting Bank branches. Mobile Banking and Internet Banking are available and registration is free.
Minimum opening balance Resident USD200 or equivalent RMB1,000 THB40,000
Non-Resident USD1,000 or equivalent
Minimum on-going balance USD200 or equivalent THB 8,000
Visa/UnionPay debit card USD 0.50 or equivalent per month No
Debit card replacement fee USD5 or equivalent No
Cheque book USD5 or equivalent
Dormant account Resident USD10 or equivalent
Non-Resident USD50 or equivalent
Early closure USD15 or equivalent, If account closed within 3 months from opening date
Banker Cheque USD10 or equivalence No
Bank Reference USD10 or equivalent
Audit Confirmation Letter USD10 or equivalent
Standing Order (Register/Transaction) Fee USD1 or equivalence
Mobile banking Free
Local Transfer ≤ USD50,000 or equivalent = Free
> USD50,000 or equivalent:
- 0.10% Min. USD1 for USD
- 0.12% Min. KHR4,000 for KHR
Follow USD 0.15% Min. THB100 or equivalent
• Free deposit/withdrawal via ATM/CRM
• Notification alert on mobile banking of account transaction
• Check book facility
• Enjoy QR payment discount with Canadia merchants
• Available currencies: KHR, USD, RMB and THB
• Enjoy others discount with Canadia group companies
Requirements 1. Local/Cambodian:
­- At least 18 years old
­- ­Original and valid passport or National ID
2. Foreigner*
- ­ At least 18 years old
- Original and valid passport with valid visa
- ­Proof of residence in Cambodia if he/she is domiciled or has a priniciple place of abode in Cambodia or is present in Cambodia for more than 182 days in any 12-month period in the current tax year
Attached Resident Status:
- House rental contract or
- Certificate of residential address from authority or
- Hotel lease/bill including a minimum of 6 months tenor in the contract; or
- Employment Contract or
- Business license/certificate (if self-employed)
⇒ One of the above attached shall be at least a minimum of 6 months validity
The above Interest Rate and Terms & Conditions are subject to change at the Bank's sole discretion without any prior notice to clients.

For further information, please visit your nearest Canadia Bank branch or give us a call at (+855) 23 868 222.

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Current Account

More Information

1. What is Current Account?

Canadia Current Account is a simple and convenient way to enjoy easy payment for purchase of goods and services.

2. What currencies are available for Current Account?

The available currencies for Current Account are USD, KHR, THB, and RMB.

3. What are the terms and conditions of Current Account?

These terms and conditions apply for Current Account:

◾ Maintain minimum balance of USD200 or equivalent

◾ Minimum ongoing balance is not required

4. What documents are required for opening Current Account?

The required documents for opening a Current Account are:

◾ For individuals:

     o  Original National ID for residents

     o  Original passport and valid visa for non-residents

◾ For corporate/organization:

     o  Business registration letter from Ministry of Commerce

     o  License, business memorandum and company seal

     o  Copy of board of director's passport or ID with specimen of their original signature and stamp

5.  What are the special offers for opening a Current Account?

With your Current Account, you can enjoy the following advantages:

◾ Free monthly account statement (upon request)

◾ Do unlimited transactions on your available balance at any time for free of charge

◾ Access your account balance through Debit Card, Internet banking or visiting one of the Canadia Bank‘s branches

◾ Withdraw funds from your account at any time provided that the minimum balance is preserved on the account

◾ More secured and quick access to your account information through SMS and mobile notifications.

6. How can I close my account?

You can visit your home branch. There will be no penalty for closing your account after three months from opening date. However, a USD15 penalty will be applied if you close your account within three months.

7. How can I apply for a Current Account?

Simply complete your personal information on CNB Online Account Opening Template or visit the nearest Canadia Bank branches. Protection Status