Personal Loan for Corporate Payroll

A loan for personal uses with no collateral required exclusively designed for private company Payroll Account holder who has payroll account at Canadia bank.

Features and Conditions
Interest rate per annum 18%
Loan amount Maximum USD10,000
Repayment method Monthly principle plus interest
Loan term From 12 months to 36 months
Bank service charge 3% upfront
Pre-payment charge 2% on partial or paid off amount
  • Valid National ID card/passport
  • Employee card
  • Employment Contract
  • Family book/residential book
  • Guarantor and Sovannaphum life insurance coverage will be applicable if required
The above Interest Rate and Terms & Conditions are subject to change at the Bank's sole discretion without any prior notice to customer.

For further information, please visit your nearest Canadia Bank branch or give us a call at (+855) 23 868 222.

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