Electronic Toll Collection (ETC)

The first expressway that links the capital city of Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville province has finally opened in October 2022. Stretching 187.05 kilometers, the PPSHV Expressway is invested by the China Road and Bridge Corporation (CRBC) and operated by Cambodian PPSHV Expressway Co., Ltd.

Canadia Bank has collaborated with PPSHV Expressway Co., Ltd to provide the customers with a new convenient payment method via Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) when they use the PPSHV Expressway.

The customers can use the ETC lane by equipping their vehicles with Onboard Unit (OBU) devices. At ETC lane, the toll fees are automatically deducted, thus avoiding queuing at the toll gates and enjoying non-stop traveling.

With the Onboard Unit (OBU) readily installed on the vehicle windshield, the vehicle can drive through the ETC lane. The OBU device communicates with OBU detector equipped at the toll gates to identify registered vehicle information and payment will be automatically deducted from customer's account linked to the OBU.

What is Electronic Toll Collection (ETC)?
Electronic toll collection (ETC) is an automatic toll collection system allowing wireless communication between vehicles and toll stations for non-stop toll collection. As you drive into the Toll Gate, maintain a speed below 20 kilometer per hour as you pass the ETC lane. You can enter after the traffic light turns green and the barrier is lifted. Since the toll fee will be deducted automatically, you may exit the PPSHV Expressway once the barrier is lifted.
What is an Onboard Unit Device (OBU)?
OBU refers to the transponder equipment, including a reader device and an E-Pass Card. The OBU device is required to drive through the ETC lane, and it is installed in the vehicle’s windshield and activated by the branch staff before usage. The benefits of using OBU allow drivers to use the ETC lane, and the toll fees are automatically deducted, thus avoiding queuing at the toll gates and enjoying non-stop traveling.
What is the difference between ETC Lane and MTC Lane?
The Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) lane allows drivers to automatically drive through and pay toll fees at the toll gate without stopping the car, while the Manual Toll Collection lane requires drivers to stop the car to pay the tolls by cash or by other cashless payment methods such as QR payment and bank card payment.
How to register to become an ETC user and apply for an OBU device?
You can visit our Canadia Bank counters at PPSHV Expressway ETC Service Center in Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville, Canadia Bank Head Office, Canadia Bank Toul Kork Branch, and Canadia Bank Khan Pur Senchey Branch.
What are the conditions and documents required to apply for ETC account registration?
Your ETC account will be linked to your Canadia Bank account. During the registration, our staff will provide the following services for you:
o Open an account with Canadia Bank
o Complete the ETC registration form
o Collect the security deposit and the minimum ETC balance and deposit them into your ETC account
o Install the OBU in your car and activate the OBU device
Please bring the following documents for the ETC registration:
o Original NID/ Passport
o Original or Copied of Vehicle ID or Certificate of Vehicle Technical Inspection
Note: Please bring your car intended for OBU device installation and activation.
What is the validity of the OBU device?
The OBU device is valid for 10 years after purchase.
Can I use one OBU device for multiple vehicles?
No, the OBU device issued is used for the registered vehicle only and the OBU will not be functional upon removal from the windshield.
Can I link my Canadia Bank account to multiple OBUs?
Yes. All the OBU devices you purchased from Canadia Bank can be linked to your single bank account. Once you recharge the account, the balance can be used to pay toll fees for any vehicles linked to your ETC account.
Do I need to use any specific lane at the toll gate if I have an OBU device installed?
Yes, you can use the identified ETC lanes.
How can I top up the balance in my ETC account?
You may add balance to your ETC account by doing any of the options below:
o Make online transfers to your ETC account from other e-wallets or bank accounts
o Deposit at any Canadia Bank branches
o Deposit via Canadia Bank Cash Recycling Machines (CRMs) or Virtual Teller Machines (VTMs)
How does the toll fee charge to my ETC account?
The toll fee charge will be automatically deducted from your ETC account within 15 minutes after you exit the toll gate.
How can I check my ETC balance?
You can check your ETC balance by using any of the options below:
o On Canadia Bank App, go to accounts and select Current Account – Non Interest Bear to view Account Balance.
o Call our Customer Services Center at 023 868 222 for assistance.
What happens to my OBU if I sell my car?
If you have sold your vehicle, please visit the home branch where you have registered your ETC account to close the account. The balance, if any, will be transferred to the linked account.
Where are the entrances and exits of the PPSHV Expressway?
There is at least one ETC lane at each of the 8 entrances and exits of the PPSHV Expressway.
o Station 1: Phnom Penh at 3km
o Station 2: East Kompong Speu at 26km
o Station 3: West Kompong Speu at 43km
o Station 4: Traeng Trayueng at 76km
o Station 5: Kompong Seila at 114km
o Station 6: Sre Ambel at 135km
o Station 7: Steung Hav at 172km
o Station 8: Preah Sihanouk at 182km
How will I block my OBU device in case it's lost/stolen?
Please visit the home branch that you have registered ETC with and request to block the OBU.
What will happen to my ETC balance linked to the old OBU after I get the replacement?
Your old OBU will be replaced by a new OBU and the ETC balance is maintained and linked to your new OBU.
Are there any fee charges for recharge or top-up balance to my ETC account?
No. However, the Bank reserves the right to impose fees from time to time.
How shall I raise the complaint or inquiry of any incorrect debit to my OBU account?
Please call or chat our Customer Services Center on the following:
o   Hotline: 023 868 222 / 023 969 222
o   Email: contact@canadiabank.com.kh
o   Facebook:  https://web.facebook.com/CanadiaBankCambodia
o   Telegram: https://t.me/CanadiaBankCSC
o   I-Chat: https://www.canadiabank.com.kh/
What is the meaning of OBU blacklist? What can be done to avoid the blacklist of OBU?
A blacklist means the vehicle is not allowed to drive through ETC lanes at the toll gates. There are various reasons for blacklisting, e.g. your ETC account has insufficient balance or below Security Deposit. In such cases, you can contact our Customer Service Center to find out the reason for the blacklist. To avoid being blacklisted, you should keep your ETC balance above the security deposit and recharge your ETC account before traveling the PPSHV Expressway. Also, OBU can be blacklisted by law enforcement agencies due to any rule violation complaint registered against the vehicle.
What shall I do if the OBU does not work and is unable to pass through the ETC lane?
If the OBU does not work while you are going through the ETC lane, please coordinate with the onsite guidance staff to exit the Manual Toll Collection Lane (MTC) at the toll gate and pay in cash instead. Then, please visit our Canadia Bank counter at ETC Service Center at PPSHV for further investigation of the OBU device.
What should I do if I was forced to pay by cash at the toll, while I had sufficient balance in OBU?
If you are forced to pay by cash though your account has sufficient balance in OBU, please contact our Customer Service Center to log a complaint.
o   Hotline: 023 868 222/ 969 222
o   Email: contact@canadiabank.com.kh
o   Facebook:  https://web.facebook.com/CanadiaBankCambodia
o   Telegram: https://t.me/CanadiaBankCSC
o  I-Chat: https://www.canadiabank.com.kh/
How do I close or cancel the OBU?
To close or cancel the OBU, please visit our Canadia Bank Home branch that you registered OBU with the original documents of your NID/Passport and Vehicle Identification. The remaining balance in your ETC account and the Security Deposit will be transferred to your bank account.
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