Tax Payment

Canadia Bank Tax Payment Services is a secure, simple and convenient way to pay Tax on Profit and other taxes for both corporate and individuals.
Tax Payment

Tax Payment Made Easy

We offer tax payment services for a range of needs and requirements, including:

  • Tax on Profit
  • Minimum Tax
  • Prepayment of Profit Tax
  • Withholding Tax
  • Tax on Salary
  • Value Added Tax (VAT)
  • Specific Tax on Certain Merchandises and Services
  • Turnover Tax
  • Stamps Tax
  • Paten Tax
  • Registration Tax or Property Transfer Tax
  • Unused Land Tax
  • Tax on Means of Transportation (except motorbike and three-wheeled motorbike)
  • Property Tax
  • Accommodation Tax
  • Public Lighting Tax
  • Additional Tax
  • Other Taxes

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Tax Payment

At Canadia Bank, we understand that all companies are different. For more detail on the conditions and requirements for our business offerings, please contact us directly or visit one of our branches to discuss more about the range of corporate loan offerings available and the various conditions Protection Status