Savings Account

Think it is time to start your savings? Think Canadia Bank’s Savings Account. Simple to open and manage, this account features a low minimum balance that lets you start small and build as you go. With over 150 ATMs and more than 60 branches nationwide, you have easy access to your money.
Savings Account

Canadia Business Savings Account

  • Free Passbook for your transaction records.
  • No monthly account keeping fee.
  • Enjoy an attractive interest rate.
  • Interest calculated daily and credited monthly into your account.
  • Easy access to your money through the Internet and Mobile banking facilities, Canadia ATM terminals, and Easycash ATM network.
  • Bill payment (water, electricity) facility over the counter or via our ATM terminals.
  • Available in 4 currencies: Khmer Riel (KHR), US Dollar (USD), Yenminbi (RMB) and Thai Baht (THB).

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Savings Account

  • Available for individual age 18 years and over
  • Available for Corporate
  • Required Documents: Identification Document or Passport for Individuals