Medical Business Financing Program

For the business owners of private medical business and human health services such as, maternity, dental, or beauty clinic, and pharmacy, get the extra funding you need to expand your medical businesses to the next level with our Medical Business Financing Program.
Medical Business Financing Program
Features and Conditions 
Age    Age 18 - 60
Gender   Both male and female
Type of collateral • Hard & Soft title 
• No collateral is applicable, subject to guaranteed by CGCC 
Interest rate per annum   Start from 8.5%
Loan amount   Up to $500,000
Loan term   Up to 10 years
Legal Fees    Free of charge 
Property evaluation   Free of charge 
Currency   KH/USD 
Bank service charge   As low as 0.5% 
Key Benefits • Increase your working capital
• Purchase medical equipment
• Fund renovation expenses
• Increase fixed asset investment
Requirements / Terms & Conditions
• Valid National ID card/passport
• Family book/residential book
• Income proofs
• Eligible business :
- Clinic and Maternity
- Dental Clinic
- Pharmacies
- Beauty Clinic
• Business operating for 2 years or above, or 3 years experience in relevant medical business
• Having a valid business license
• Satisfactory repayment history record

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Medical Business Financing Program

At Canadia Bank, we understand that all companies are different. For more details on the conditions and requirements for our business offerings, please contact us directly or visit one of our branches to discuss more about the range of corporate loan offerings available and the various conditions.

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