Letter of Credit (LC)

We offer documentary letter of credit facilities to qualified corporate or individual business loan applications for up to one year (exceptions possible). Facilities include documentary import letter of credit, export letter of credit, and trust receipts.
Letter of Credit (LC)

       -Import LC, Letter of Credit​​​​​​​​​​​ is a written undertaking by the issuing bank given to the seller (exporter) at the request of the buyer (importer) to pay at sight or at a determinable future date up to a stated sum of money within a prescribed time limit and against complying stipulated documents.

       -Export LC, Facilitation service is available for seller (exporter) to receive the authenticated Letter of Credit advised from buyer’s  (importer’s)bank and/or collecting the good payment for seller (exporter) by forwarding required documents under the Letter of Credit to the buyer’s  (importer’s) bank.

Main product features
       - Collateral                                
            Cash / Fixed Deposit

                -Accept for all types of real estate soft / hard title within 25 provinces & cities in                  Cambodia

                -Accept third party, Corporate or Bank guarantees

 Key benefits                            

                -Very competitive fee charge(s)

                 -Fast approval process

                 -No properties evaluation fee charge

                 -No Legal fee charge

                 -No CBC fee charge

                -Fast transaction banking with more than 60 branches nationwide in Cambodia                  or online banking

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Letter of Credit (LC)



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