Import Letter of Credit

Letter of Credit is a written undertaking by the issuing bank given to the seller (exporter) at the request of the buyer (importer) to pay at sight or at a determinable future date up to a stated sum of money within a prescribed time limit and against complying stipulated documents.
Import Letter of Credit

Fee Charge(s)
Issuing Fee 0.125% per month Min. USD100
Swift USD50 flat
Usance Fee 0.125% per month Min. USD30
L/C Settlement Commission 0.20%, Min. USD30
SWIFT Advising Fee USD20 flat
Reimbursement USD30 flat
Amendment Fee USD50 flat (other than validity/amount)

Product Features and Conditions
Type • Confirmed LC
• Sight payment LC
• Time, Usance payment LC
• Transferable LC, etc.
Currency Any Currency
Tenor Up to 12 months
Acceptable Collateral • Cash/Fixed Deposit
• Accept all types of real estate soft/hard title within 25 provinces & cities in Cambodia
• Accept third parties (Corporate or Bank Guarantees)
  • Very competitive fee charge(s)
  • Fast approval process
  • Free of charge on property evaluation
  • Free of charge on legal fee
  • Free of charge on CBC checking
  • Able to access transaction banking with more than 60 branches nationwide and can perform Mobile Banking and Internet Banking

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Import Letter of Credit

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