Fixed Deposit Account

The benefits of Canadia Fixed Deposit lie in its flexibility. You can choose the tenure of your savings and how you want the interest to be paid, be it monthly or at maturity. Whichever tenure you choose, you can be confident that you will receive a competitive interest rate on your deposit.
Fixed Deposit Account

Interest Credited At Maturity Monthly At Maturity
1 Month 0.75% p.a N/A N/A 1.00% p.a. 1.00% p.a
2 Months 1.00% p.a N/A N/A N/A N/A
3 Months 1.50% p.a 1.25% p.a 4.00% p.a 1.50% p.a 1.50% p.a
6 Months 2.75% p.a 2.50% p.a 5.00% p.a 2.50% p.a 2.00% p.a
9 Months 3.50% p.a 3.25% p.a N/A N/A N/A
12 Months 4.75% p.a 4.50% p.a 6.00% p.a 3.75% p.a. 2.50% p.a
24 Months 5.00% p.a 4.75% p.a 6.50% p.a N/A 3.00% p.a
• 6% withholding tax on the interest earned by Fixed Deposit for Resident taxes payer OR
• 14% withholding tax on the interest income earned by both Savings Account and Fixed Deposit for Non-resident
• The above information is subject to change without prior notice.

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Fixed Deposit Account

Account Opening Balance USD1,000 or equivalence RMB 1,000 THB 40,000
Minimum Balance USD200 or equivalence RMB 1,000 THB 8,000
Debit Card Visa/UnionPay USD 0.5 or equivalence per month No
Debit Card Replacement Fee USD5 or equivalence No
Dormant Account USD10 or equivalence
Account closure within 3 months from opening date USD15 or equivalence
Check Book USD5/Book
Banker Cheque USD10 or equivalence
Bank Reference USD10 or equivalence
Audit Confirmation Letter USD10 or equivalence
Standing Order
(Register/Transaction) Fee
USD1 or equivalence
Withdrawals Unlimited on number of transaction Upon prior notice to the bank Unlimited on number of transaction
Deposit RMB20,000/Day
Local Transfer ≤ USD50,000 = Free
> USD50,000 = 0.10% Min.USD1
≤ USD50,000 = Free
> USD50,000 = 0.12% Min.USD1 or equivalence
No 0.15% Min.THB100 or equivalence
Internet Banking Free
• Free Internet Banking
• Check Book facility
• Payroll service facility
• Certificate of Incorporation/Registration, Business License, Memorandum and Articles of Association, Board Resolution and Patent.
• Identification Document or Passport of all authorized signatories, Directors, Shareholders.

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