Corporate Loan

Are you looking for financing support to grow your business? Canadia Bank Plc., can make your dream come true with fast process and flexible terms and conditions.
Corporate Loan

1. Corporate loan products

- Overdraft

- Fixed loan

- Term loan

- Cash backed loan

2. Financing purposes

- Working capital

- Investment

- Other business

3. Product features

- Loan amount : Over USD 500K ( or Equivalent with other currencies)

- Currency  : USD / KHR / THB / RMB - Tenor  : Up to 120 months (10 years)

- Interest rate : Competitive & Negotiable  - Repayment  : Flexible and align with your business cash flow

4. Secured Collateral

- Accept all types of real estate (Hard / Soft tiles) within 25 provinces & cities in Cambodia.  

- Fixed deposit within Canadia Bank

- Third parties, corporate or bank guarantees

5. Key Benefits

- Fast approval process

- Free of charge on property evaluation

- Free of charge on legal fee

- Free of charge on CBC checking

- Able to access transaction banking with more than 60 branches nationwide through Mobile Banking and Internet Banking

6. Basic requirements

- Be legal entity or individual

- Business in operations for at least last 02 years

- Have sufficient fund to cover monthly service repayment.

- Have legal collateral in soft or hard title deeds

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Corporate Loan

At Canadia Bank, we understand that all companies are different. For more detail on the conditions and requirements for our business offerings, please contact us directly or visit one of our branches to discuss more about the range of corporate loan offerings available and the various conditions

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