Banker Cheque

Bank Cheque is a banker's cheque purchased by the customer to use for making payment to the third party or can be deposited in another bank locally. Bank Cheques are also frequently used by bank for payment of bills relating to its operating expenses.
Banker Cheque

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You may not wish to carry a large amount of cash while you want to buy some products or to pay some bills, so let we offer you with a safe and convenient way through Bank Cheque.

  • Bank Cheque is issued at the request of a customer who has or has not an account with Canadia Bank:
  • Contact us at Canadia Bank's nearest branch to fill in a request for Cashier's Cheque form
  • Present your ID card, passport or any other valid document if you don't have an account with Canadia Bank

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Banker Cheque

  • The fee of issuance is KHR40,000; US$10; THB400; EUR10; AUD10; CAD10; GBP10; JPY1,000; VND200,000; or LAK80,000 per issue.
  • Local money transfer charge if customer deposits the Bank Cheque in his/her account or cash from any other Canadia Bank's branch.
  • Free of charge (issuing of Bank Cheque and local money transfer) for Canadia Bank's supplier. Protection Status