Bank Guarantee

Bank Guarantee or SBLC is an irrevocable undertaking of the bank to provide for payment on presentation of a complying demand. Our guarantees have been well accepted by both private and government entities.
Bank Guarantee
Main product features
         Guarantee Type                            

                     -Tender or Bid Guarantee

                     -Payment Guarantee

                      -Performance Guarantee

                      -Retention Money Guarantee

                      -Advance Payment Guarantee


                     -Cash / Fixed Deposit

                     -Accept for all types of real estate soft / hard title within 25 provinces & cities in Cambodia

                      -Accept third party, Corporate or Bank guarantees

  Key benefits                                  

                      -Very competitive fee charge(s)

                        -Fast approval process

                        -No properties evaluation fee charge

                        -No Legal fee charge

                        -No CBC fee charge

                        -Fast transaction banking with more than 60 branches nationwide in Cambodia or online banking

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Bank Guarantee

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