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Currency Buy Sell
US DOLLAR (USD) THB 33.82 THB 33.62
Australia Dollar USD 0.7507 USD 0.7640
Canadian Dollar USD 0.7795 USD 0.7940
Euro USD 1.0883 USD 1.1040
Group News
New 110 ATMs at EDC of Battambang Province
Date: 25-Mar-2015
Now our new ATM at Canadia Bank's EDC of Battambang Province is ready to serve you and currently we have 110 ATMs throughout Cambodia......
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New 109 ATMs at Toul Kork Branch
Date: 17-Mar-2015
Now our new ATM at Canadia Bank's Toul Kork Branch in Phnom Penh is ready to serve you and currently we have 109 ATMs throughout Cambodia......
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Job Opportunities
Date: 10-Feb-2015
At Canadia Bank, we believe that we are well placed to capture opportunities ahead as we strengthen our franchise in the country and fortify our position as Cambodia’s safest bank.....
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New 108 ATMs at Phnom Penh Municipality
Date: 09-Feb-2015
Now our new ATM at Canadia Bank's Phnom Penh Municipality in Phnom Penh is ready to serve you and currently we have 108 ATMs throughout Cambodia......
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Booking.com Promtions
Date: 29-Jan-2015
Booking.com, the largest online hotel reservations website, and Canadia Bank have partnered together to provide Canadia Bank credit card customers a special offer when they make their hotel reservations at Booking.com......
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Promotion Booking.Com
Rebates applied three months after
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ATM Locations
The Canadia Bank has 107 ATMs locations throughout Cambodia. Please click here to find more detail.
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