Wedding Saving Account

Prepare to build your life together by saving for your wedding day, and treasure that day forever.
Currency USD
Interest Rate 2.88%
Account Opening Balance USD500
Minimum Balance USD500
Credit Card MasterCard/VISA Card
- Classic: USD13/Year
- Gold: USD28/Year
Standing Order (Register/Transaction) Fee Free
Passbook Free upon request only
Mobile/Internet Banking Free (View Only)
Account closure within 3 months from opening date USD50
Withdrawal Free 2 withdrawals per month 1% or Minimum USD10 thereafter withdrawal per month
Benefits • Enjoy higher interest rate
• Enjoy up to USD2,999 benefit package for wedding arrangement with Special Offer from Canadia Group ( KOS PICH City Wedding Hall, Dara Hotel, Pandora/Bering) and other benefits
• Special offer to account holder Credit card facility up to 80% of Deposited Balance
Requirement 1. Individuals aged 18 years old or over
2. Cambodian
• National ID card OR
• Valid Passport OR
• Driver License attached with Family Book/Residence Book/Birth Certificate OR
• Government ID Card or Civil Servant ID Card OR
• Monk Identity Card (for monk only)OR
• Any document bearing photo of customer issued by relevant authority.
3. Foreigner*
• Valid Passport AND
• Valid Visa
*Definition of Resident and Non-Resident Customer:
a) Resident Customer: any physical person who is domiciled in or has a principal place of abode in, the Kingdom of Cambodia, or who is present in the Kingdom of Cambodia on more than 182 days during the calendar year.
b) Non-Resident Customer: means not a resident of Cambodia.

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Wedding Saving Account

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1. What is Wedding Savings account?

Wedding Savings account is the most efficient and secures method to start saving for your future wedding plan.

2. What is the minimum balance for Wedding Savings account?

Wedding Savings Account has USD500 minimum balance.

3. What are the terms and conditions of Wedding Savings account?

For opening Wedding Savings account, you are required:

           - Maintain initial opening balance USD500.

           - Actively save your money in the account to reach the plan you preferred.

           - You are allowed to withdraw the balance two times per month.

4. What are the benefits of Wedding Savings account?

The benefits of Wedding Savings account are:  

          - Enjoy the benefit plan up to almost USD3,000 for wedding plan

          - Enjoy other discounts with our wedding supplier partners

5. What is the interest rate of Wedding Savings account?

Canadia Bank offers competitive interest rate of 2.88% p.a. However, Bank reserves the right to change the interest rate from time to time without any prior notice.  

6. How often Wedding Savings account interest is get paid?

The interest of wedding savings account is daily calculated based on the actual balance and credited into the customer account at the end of the month or upon account closure.

7. Can Wedding Savings account be deposited and withdrawn anytime?

Customer can deposit funds anytime with no limits and offered 2 withdrawals per month.

8. How can I close my account?

You can visit your home branch. There will be no penalty for closing account after three months from opening date. However, USD50 will be applied if you close within three months.

9. How can I apply for Wedding Savings account?

Visit the nearest Canadia Bank branches. Protection Status