The advantages of Personal Credit Cards

Credit Cards are good value for money that offers safety and security. If you lose a card, you get a new one.

Our Personal Credit Card lets you use your bank’s money as a short-term loan to make your order or buy something upon you need it, and then pay for it later. You consistently pay your bill on time that why lets you qualify for low-interest rates on mortgages, which could save you money. Also, when you use a Credit Card you don’t need to keep cash with you which carries the risk of being stolen or lost. So, with a Credit Card you can manage you finance in more secure and a convenient way.

Condition and Fee & Charge

  • Personal Credit Card: is a Credit Card facility provided to three types of customers:
    • Qualified Corporate Payroll Customers (Approval List is required): Current approval qualified corporate payroll partners are SCA, Phillip Bank, Dufry, Helistar, and iOne.
    • RGC Customers (Who have payroll account with Canadia Bank)
    • Merchant customers who have been with the Bank for more than 6 months and have active sale volume.
Fee & Charge for CREDIT CARD
Description Classic Gold
Annual fee basic card US$13 US$28
Annual fee supplementary card US$8 US$18
Charge of pledged account X X
Card Replacement US$10 US$10
PIN request US$10 US$10
Cash advance Minimum US$5, or 2% Minimum US$5, or 2%
Retail Interest 1.5% per month 1.5% per month
Cash Advance interest 1.83% per month 1.83% per month
Late payment penalty 5% of the minimum payment or minimum US$5 5% of the minimum payment or minimum US$5
Credit Limit
  • Up to 3 times of monthly basic salary. Minimum income of US$300 or KHR1,200,000
  • Based on monthly sale income and experience half year service with the Bank (Merchant Customers)
Required Document
  • Cambodian Identification Document (National ID Card, Civil Servant Card or Passport) (Only Khmer Citizen)
  • Proof of Permanent resident (Residential Book/Family Book/Confirmation letter from Sangkat)
  • Employment confirmation letter stating clear position, salary rank, and employment seniority (not less than 6 month employment period).
  • Blank statement
  • Two recent passport photos, taken within the last six months