Student Loan

Student Loan
Description Student Loan product is a loan scheme which is consistent with the policies of the government and the National Bank in Cambodia to help students who need their financial assistance for tuition fee during their study period.
Type of Credit
  • Unsecured product with guarantor requirement
Credit Limit
  • Normal study course
    • Undergraduate: 2.4 million riel ($600) maximum for each student per year or one year school fee whichever is lower
    • Postgraduate: 5 million riel ($1,250) maximum for each student per year or one year school fee whichever is lower
  • Specialized study course
    • Undergraduate: 6 million Riel ($1,500) maximum for each student per year
  • KHR
Credit Limit
  • 9.5% per annum
Repayment Period
  • Not more than 72 months ( 6 years)
  • Note: During study period, students can request to pay only the interest.
Service Charge
  • 0%
Document Requirements
  • Student ID card and National ID Card/Passport of the borrower
  • Family book/Residential book
  • Transcript with Grade Point Average (GPA) at least 3.5
  • Admission letter or enrollment letter and the relevant documents on total amount of tuition fee issued by the University
  • Recommendation letter from the University about the student’s characteristic
  • Age: between 21 to 35 years old
  • Nationality: Khmer
  • Have parents or guardians as guarantor
  • Borrower must have completed at least 1st year of university or institute for general degree courses, and for specialized degree course (Health Sciences), borrower must have completed at least 5th year of bachelor of medicine, 2nd year of bachelor of dental, 4th year of bachelor of pharmacy, and 1st year of bachelor of nursing.
Approved Course
  • Bachelor: Economic, Accounting, Finance and Banking, Tourism, Marketing, Management, Law & Public Affair, Arts in English, Education, Medicine, Dental Sciences, Pharmacy, and Nursing, Civil construction, Architecture, Electronic and electrical, Mechanical, Information Technology, Computer Science, and English Literature.
  • Master: Finance, Accounting, Law, Business Administration, Management, Risk Management.

Note: Student loan is applicable to student who studying at University or institute which Collaborate with Canadia Bank only.

For further information, please feel free to contact Canadia Bank hot line service via the following: Tel: 023 868 222 or contact our professional staff via the following: 071 333 0009/ 071 333 0112/ 071 4957. We’ll glad to assist.