RGC Personal Loan

Reach your financial goals and needs with Personal Loan for civil servants who have payroll accounts with Canadia Bank.


  • No collateral
  • Loan limit up to 9-month salary or max 20,000,000 Riel
  • Repayment period up to 24months
  • Interest rate 1.5% per month
  • KHR currency


  • Civil servants who have payroll account with Canadia Bank

Documents Required:

  • National ID/ Passport/ Birth Certification
  • Family Book/ Residential Book/ Letter from District or Sangkat
  • RGC payroll card

For further information, please contact Canadia Bank hot line service via the following:
Tel: 023 868 222 or contact our professional lending staff via the following: 071 333 6256 / 4957/ 0111/ 0156/ 0112/ 9438/ 9436. We are glad to assist you.