Security Tips

Important tips on how you can safeguard and protect you Password and Security Device

  • Never reveal your Password to anyone
  • Never use the same Corporate Internet Banking Password for other web‐based services
  • Select a unique Password so it is difficult for anyone to guess (eg. not to use birth date or phone numbers)
  • Do not use sequential or repetitive numbers (eg. 123456 or 111111)
  • Memorize your Password. Do not write it down or store it
  • Change your Password regularly
  • Change your Password immediately if you suspect any unauthorized access
  • Before entering your User Name and Password, check that the site you are visiting belongs to Canadia Bank‐Corporate Internet Banking by verifying that the URL displayed in the Internet browser is correct
  • Ensure that Corporate Internet Banking URL is preceded by "https" and there should be a security icon that looks like a lock or key on the Internet browser
  • Avoid using shared/public computers to access the Corporate Internet Banking
  • Each Security Device is unique and tagged to your User Name. You will not be able to use another person's registered security device to input as your Security Access Code
  • Do not leave your Security Device unattended and always keep it safe when not in use