Bank Guarantee

Canadia Bank can act as a trustee for customers and issue the following guarantees:

  • Bid Guarantee
  • Performance Guarantee
  • Retention Money Guarantee
  • Advance Payment Guarantee
  • Payment Guarantee

Letter of Credit

We offer documentary letter of credit facilities to qualified corporate or individual business loan applications for up to one year (exceptions possible). Facilities include documentary import letter of credit, export letter of credit and trust receipts.

Trust Receipt

The Trust Receipt is a short term financing facility to support settlement under letter of credit for purchase of customer’s import. It is to be repaid monthly interest (not over 3 months) by the borrower on the maturity date or when the goods have been sold whichever is earlier.

Bill Receivable Discounting

New trade services product offered to corporate customers, giving customers more options and flexibility with their financing needs. It’s designed to finance customer bill receivables in exchange for the amount less than its face value. Upon maturity the customer pays full amount of the invoice which not over 6 months.

Bill Receivable Purchased

Provide with more option for trade financing facility regardless purchase order agreement. Disbursement can be made with any purchasing invoice acceptance including trust receipt to both new and existing customers which repayment not over 3 months.