Bill Receivable Purchased (BRP)

Bill Receivable Purchased (BRP) is designed to provide with more options for trade financing facility regardless L/Cs agreement. Disbursement can be made with any purchasing invoice acceptance including trust receipt to both new and existing customers.
Bill Receivable Purchased (BRP)

Main product features

·        Credit line                                    : Up to 12 months

·        Currency                                      : USD / KHR / THB / RMB

·        Collateral                                     : Fixed Deposit

                                                                 : Accept for all types of real estate soft / hard title within 25 provinces &                                                                    cities in Cambodia

                                                                 : Accept third party​​, Corporate or Bank guarantees

·        Key benefits                                 : Fast approval process

                                                                 : No properties evaluation fee charge

                                                                 : No Legal fee charge

                                                                 : No CBC fee charge

                                                                 : Fast transaction banking with more than 60 branches nationwide in                                                                  Cambodia or online banking

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