Job Title


Closing Date

: Head of Fraud Management and Control

: Head Office

: 31-Aug-2019

Minimum Requirements:

  • Master Degree of Business Administration, Finance and Banking, Accounting, Management or pursuing ACCA
  • 5 years experience in external or internal audit or risk management with relevant industry (financial services/banking) is preferable
  • Good understanding of banking and control systems as well as understanding fraud prevention and detection
  • The ability to identify, assess, monitor, control and mitigate fraud risks
  • The ability to perform investigation
  • Fluent in written and spoken Khmer and English
  • Strong relationship management skills are essential.


  • Identifies, assess, analyze and evaluates fraud risk areas both internally and externally and design procedures for testing or investigating
  • Perform fraud risk assessment to identify high fraud risk areas and put mechanism to minimize the fraud risks
  • Performs investigation including interview and gather evidences and provide conclusion and recommendation to enhance internal control
  • Prepare FM&C monthly report
  • Communicates or assists in communicating the results of fraud report via written reports and oral presentations to managements
  • Ensure that the recommendation or decision is implemented by management
  • Assist Head of Internal Audit Division in evaluating Manager, Senior Auditor/ Fraud Analyst and Auditor/ Fraud Analyst’s performance
  • Build and maintain good relationship with teams, managements and staff of areas under review
  • Provide training and coaching to team members
  • Performs related works as assigned by Head of Internal Audit.